Heretic TOC is my personal blog. I have been at odds with “the dominant narrative” of sexual morality over the last several decades, especially as regards children’s sexual self-determination and paedophilia. My aim here is to present a discourse of resistance. That probably sounds grim, but humour and cheerfulness are my weapons of choice, along with reason and research. Odd to call cheerfulness a “weapon”, I suppose, but I do feel it’s a good tool, at least, for combating the depression into which so many are prone to sink in these difficult times. Nor do I really intend to use humour as a weapon to hurt people, in the sense that satire can be savage. I prefer a gentler tone, in line with the kind of society I’d like to see.

I wish I could say it’s optimism keeps me going, but the demented ferocity of “abuse” witch hunting is patently becoming ever more dangerous and destructive. Raging infernos burn themselves out eventually, but I doubt I shall live to see the day. Anyone who wants to know about me need only Google. Here I will just add that I am the author of Paedophilia: The Radical Case, the full text of which is accessible at IPCE , and (as Carl Toms)  Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons. – Tom O’Carroll


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  1. Rey Gonzales
    Oct 08, 2018 @ 16:38:18

    Its people who are sexual sadists and that have a violent nature, that like to inflict mental and physical pain, that cause the real problems. Not only in children but in adults as well. The word pedophile is being used as a general term and should be called something else when it doesn’t include sadism. I know therapists will argue that all forms of sexual encounters between children and adults is harmful and causes mental pain, but that’s an assumption and a lie. It all depends on how it is done. If it is against the will of a person ofcourse it’s damaging and wrong. Sexual sadists are the people most likely to do actual harm because they don’t care if its consensual or not.

    According to Australian research statistics that reveal 1 in 6 girls by the age of 18 report they have been involved in sexual activity with an adult, why is it that a vast majority never come forward when the law makes it so easy for them to come forward. Why aren’t we seeing thousands of men before the courts every week? Why? Because the truth is that most of the harm is done by the sexual sadists and the vast majority of so called pedophiles are not sexual sadists and have not created any harm to their so called victims. Do we ever hear about women who describe their sexual encounters with an adult in childhood as being a good or pleasant experience? No. because society doesn’t want to hear the truth and we have been brainwashed to believe that any such activity is harmful and wrong so even those that didn’t really have a bad experience will still have to believe that they did.

    Relationships be it sexual or otherwise between adults and children have been going on since the beginning of time and for a certain percentage of people, its a normal part of life. Its nothing more than a different sexual preference. Who has the right to say what is right or wrong anyway unless it harms someone? There is research that shows that it does not cause harm if it is consensual but such research is quickly attacked.

    In America and Europe people could marry at the age of 10 -12, some 130 years ago. It wasn’t a big deal then. Allah, for example, had a wife who was 9 yrs old. So are Islamists all pedophiles? Many cultures don’t have a problem with it so why has it become such a big deal in Western culture in this day and age? We live in a society where bank robbers and murders get celebrity status whilst pedophiles are seen as devils. Lets distinguish between pedophiles because there are two classes. The word pedophile should only be used when it involves people who are sexual sadists. Most pedophiles are not sexual sadists.


    • tomocarroll
      Oct 08, 2018 @ 17:29:14

      Thank you, Rey Gonzales. Basically, I agree with all this, although there is a slight slip that I guess was unintentional. You wrote:

      >Allah, for example, had a wife who was 9 yrs old

      I think you meant to say the prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.


  2. Tina
    Sep 13, 2018 @ 05:37:37

    Your ideology is your own insanity.
    It’s your own insanity that makes you think prepubescent children enjoy sexual behavior from a grown man or woman.
    You yourself has said, if a child is exposed to socially acceptable sexual behavior, ex. Seeing their parents having sex, they’re more acceptable to accepting sexual advances.
    In all the research you have given..we have not heard the side of your victims..or as you say…your lovers…and their stories.
    Just because someone doesn’t show pain, does not mean they aren’t in pain. To me, you lack empathy. In empathy is love.
    Your claim that your sexual preference is the same as being gay is absurd. Which brings me back to the same thought.
    Your ideology is only one sided. You’re victims do not even have the vocabulary to speak about the violating acts that you call love. Let alone be a willing and knowing participant of YOUR act.
    I doubt this will make your blog, as I am sure you do not have any intellectual answers that you can’t back up with a B.S. reference.
    Insane people don’t know they’re insane.


    • tomocarroll
      Sep 13, 2018 @ 08:23:07

      >I am sure you do not have any intellectual answers that you can’t back up with a B.S. reference.

      Doesn’t pre-dismissing any references as B.S. before you even know what they are, and what evidence they might contain, sound a bit like prejudice? It is literally prejudging. Aren’t thoughtful, educated, rational people supposed to be against that? Or are you just a straightforward bigot?


  3. gordonk
    Jul 02, 2018 @ 17:22:05

    I just ran across this bit of research that fits in with our battle. I suspect that we still have some room to get to the 25% mark, but perhaps not as far as I sometimes fear.



    • tomocarroll
      Jul 02, 2018 @ 18:14:18

      Yes, I have already read this interesting article. I doubt we’d get 2.5% at the moment, though, never mind 25%.


  4. thoughtsofadeviantdissident
    Jun 02, 2018 @ 20:18:41

    Can The New GDPR Be Used Against This Lot?

    Whilst I’m not on their database, I wonder if we can use the new EU legislation to shut this website down?


    Shower of bastards!


    • tomocarroll
      Jun 02, 2018 @ 20:39:18

      >Can The New GDPR Be Used Against This Lot?

      Interesting thought. Might be worth a bit of research.


      • thoughtsofadeviantdissident
        Jun 08, 2018 @ 14:31:34

        Reading the bumf, it looks like only those directly affected by it can complain.


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