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The pencil is mightier than the sword?


Heretic TOC welcomes Peter Herman’s return as a guest blogger today, exactly a year after his first piece, Skateboarding as metaphor for social shifts. Peter, a veteran activist, remains an occasional contributor to the NAMBLA website. JE SUIS STEVEN ADRIAN FREEMAN Worldwide, anger was expressed over the despicable murder of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, fast followed […]

Adultophilia or teleiophilia?


What’s in a name? The word “adultophilia” has its champion here on Heretic TOC (see willistina556’s response to The real silenced voices) to describe children’s sexual attraction to adults. Another commentator, Gil Hardwick, favours “teleiophilia”, this being “in uniformity with the original Greek”. The latter term is a bit of a bugger for those whose […]