Followers of Heretic TOC hardly need to be told “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers”. What is worth pointing out, though, is that there are good reasons not to believe everything – and perhaps hardly anything – in the joint police and NSPCC report into allegations of sexual abuse made against Jimmy Savile out with an almighty, nation-blasting, media-saturating, fanfare in Britain today.

I have not yet read the report, Giving Victims A Voice, but the title alone gives grounds for scepticism: Savile, lest anyone forget, died without facing trial. He is no longer around to defend himself and none of the allegations have been tested through cross-examination in court.

The sheer quantity of allegations may be thought decisive, but “corroboration by volume” is a very dodgy principle once a bandwagon gets rolling and compensation looms as a motive for making complaints.

There is no need for me to bang on about this though. As I recall, the media “scandal” first kicked off in relation to an allegation arising from Duncroft School for girls. So Duncroft is where one would expect “untainted” allegations to have come from if there were any i.e. allegations uninfluenced by any later bandwagon effect. But a former girl at this school, blogging as “Anna Raccoon”, has today posted a very detailed account of precisely why the allegations do not stack up. This is absolute dynamite – or would be if the media were as interested as they ought to be.