Heretic TOC loves writing and has dozens of tasty topics in mind just bursting to get onto the page. Unfortunately, it is time for a really boring post that cannot be further delayed. In my About page I say my aim here is to present a “discourse of resistance”.

It is time to emphasise that the “resistance” I am looking for is precisely one of “discourse” rather than resistance to the law. In other words, it is fine for commentators here to argue that laws should be changed. It is not at all fine, though, to encourage, or appear to be encouraging, anyone to break the law, either by open incitement or by “a nod and a wink” implying that the law does not matter. No one has done this, but someone did say they have been banned from another site. No specific reason was given. It may have been nothing to do with the law. Still, I figure this is the time to give a warning, and maybe I should have done so right at the start, on the About page.

Also, I would ask everyone before composing their comments to bear in mind that there is a lowest common denominator involved: even if you live in a relatively liberal country, please keep your writing in conformity with the law in such jurisdictions as the USA and UK. If in doubt, cut it out. This is very important because finding time to do the writing is hard enough for me without spending hours moderating comments. To be honest, it has come as a bit of a surprise that there have been so many comments and that quite a few of them have been lengthy.

This shows a lively interest, which is good; but there is a downside too. There is the moderation problem just mentioned, plus also the fact that posts can morph into a sort of private conversation between two people. That sort of extended thread is probably more suitable for a designated chat forum than a blog. Not so bad if it’s short exchanges, but not good for longer ones. Accordingly, posts will be limited to 200 words until further notice and we’ll see how that goes.

OK, here endeth the boring but necessary sermon.