In its first 10 days Heretic TOC has passed 1000 hits. Whether this is a cause for celebration or commiseration is a mute point.

According to today’s Guardian, Google people say half of all blogs have only one reader: the blogger. By that dismal standard, celebration is definitely in order. Online, I discovered that five million bloggers average only three hits per day compared to over 100 for Heretic TOC. So, much better than those losers then! It appears there are currently 80,000 “up-and-coming bloggers” at Heretic TOC’s level. Your A List bloggers, though, are way ahead, with 150,000 hits per day: a daunting target if success is judged as just a numbers game. But there are only a mere one hundred bloggers at this stellar level.

Which raises the question: what is Heretic TOC all about? No small blog can hope to be very influential, so what’s the point of 100 hits per day? There is probably a fair bit of potential for improvement as Heretic TOC becomes better known. But 150,000 per day? I don’t think so!

In Heretic TOC’s About page, I say the aim is “to present a discourse of resistance”. In reality, what sort of resistance is possible with small numbers? To be sure, isolated pockets of dissent can aggregate to bigger things: even moaning about the government with a few friends down at the pub can be important if thousands are grumbling over the same issues in thousands of pubs.

Here, though, resistance is a bit of a one-off. As far as I know, there are NOT thousands of websites like this one. There are “pin up” photo sites, there are chat sites, and a growing number of angst-ridden sites where self-styled “virtuous paedophiles” self-flagellate in an undignified bid to appease the tormentors. But heretical thinking is in short supply.

Earlier models of resistance, active in pursuit of law reform, have everywhere proved fragile, and have either been smashed utterly or battered into moribund silence. Perhaps the most useful survivor has been Ipce, after reinventing itself as a scholarly resource.

My ambition is for a lively discussion here on Heretic TOC, which I hope will prompt visitors to do their own further in-depth research and writing. This is what I am already doing myself: there are corners of academia, if nowhere else, that seem modestly receptive. This can easily be dismissed as an elitist vision for Heretic TOC, but if anyone can tell me a better means of gaining traction for “a discourse of resistance”, please do.

Meanwhile, I’d like to see bigger numbers here if possible. It will help a lot if visitors use the “Share” buttons at the bottom of each post: Digg, Twitter, Reddit, etc.  It will also help me decide where to focus if you “Like” what you like.