From the Guardian this morning:

Children who have nothing to do with Bryn Estyn have also contacted [children’s commissioner for Wales, Keith] Towler wanting to speak about what had gone on there. One teenage boy told him that he had been struck by the diamond shaped windows above the front door of the home and said it appeared to him that the house was looking at him. “He said it should be knocked down. I hadn’t thought about that,” said Towler.

He hadn’t thought about it? How remiss!

But hang on a minute. What is being suggested here? That this teenager had been abused not by the staff of the Bryn Estyn children’s care home, but by the home itself – by the bricks and mortar, as it were? Has the children’s commissioner nothing better to do than indulge the morbid fantasies of some unfortunate, attention-seeking, individual?

What are things coming to? Must every sad loser like this dictate national policy? As a big-time loser myself I sympathise, but there is a limit…